We are Lobyist& Marketer that is Most Crediblie and Expert in the Genre of Food

Research, PR, Marketing, and Promotion regarding Food.
We find companies that are overwhelming and we sensationally conduct supreme idea contents such as branding, obtaining share, monopolization, and others.
Lobby activity leveraging the food network.
We have over a 100,00 food industry network which we have constructed from restaurant chefs to bartenders, food connoisseur, food expertise, bloggers and media so we can conduct a effective lobby activity and possible to penetrate your product to the food industry.
Management regarding food related personnel
We also conduct management of celebrity chefs so you can casually inquire us about chef’s appearances guarantee regarding partipation of events and also for consultant for product development.
Publishing and delivering private media
We own 32 publications of private media related to professional cooking (books, magazines, newsletter, blogs, web magazine and others) so we have the information to disseminate talent which conquers one of the best in the industry.
Implementation of media mix
It is possible to have media mix from a variety of angles due to the affiliation with major ad agencies and media agencies.
Design, Production
We develop flyers, pamphlet, promotion videos, printing materials and websites within in house so any deliverables for marketing activities can be cut down to 1/3 and it can be produced in multiple languages.