2013 -

We supervised in coordinating the Circle K (convenience store) lunch boxes “Chef Series.” As a branding program. We continuously provided products under the name of “Sankus Food.

2012 -

We were involved in the Setouchi “Road to the Sea project.” We affiliated with 7 prefectures: Hyougo, Okayanma, Hiroshima, Yamaguchi, Kakagawa, Ehime and Tokushima. It created a holistic “Setouchi brand” and it was a large plan to initiate further tourism. It was a nationwide scale and as one of the core strategies, we were part of being in charge of the “Food Branding.”

2012 -

Also our company participated in the “Japanese Red Beef” lead by the agriculture project which Chairman of Promise dedicated his soul to branding & marketing.
We implemented a challenging project in regards to the Japanese beef to the end which was to a “proudly provide you the best Japanese beef.”


We participated in branding business of the Norway’s(Norwegian Seafood Council) “fiord trout.”


“THE CHEFS - A TASTE OF JAPAN” (Japanese version) won the Best Japanese Cook Book at PARIS BOOK FAIRE2010.

2010 - 2011

Contributed to the Tokyo Station Central Concourse Renovation.

2009 -

We participated in the “TOKYO CHEFS” released by All Japan Chef’s Association. During the recession of general publication this news release received high attention for its rich contents and swift delivery.
The editors and the staff members were located in our office and published the news letter.
Circulation was 200,000 units. We are also involved in other 31 publications from affiliated organization and news letter and it works as the most optimal media which you can have eyes towards the “readership” which cannot be seen in regular magazines.

2009 -

Coordinating the in-flight meal services provided in the ANA airlines first class

2009 - 2011

We developed English recipe and operating system for ANA international airlines flight first class. By doing so we were able to control the recipe operations In each countries comprehensively and was able to obtain the construction of ANA in-flight standard food, consistent cooking methods and controlled and absolute understanding of cooking Japanese food worldwide, and we achieved huge efficiency, in 2011, ANA was ranked 5th runner up in the world ranking,

2005 - 2012

Our company was involved in marketing and branding business of MLA Meat and Livestock Australia To break away from the image of Aussie beef being “cheap and not tasteful” we conducted marketing mix plan such as lobby activity to top chef group in one of the 5 star Japanese hotels, education to opinion leaders, events and media. After the activates, with the US beef’s BSE issues and the sincere effort of Aussie beef, it turned out to be a miraculous brand and landed on success. Currently Aussie beef is used in 90% of the famous hotels in Japan, and it is served as a “reasonable and delicious” meal The nationwide share is 40%.

2005 -

Our company was also involved in Japan’s Total Fishing Trading Company, GODAK MARKETING CORP’s import of New Caledonia’s prawns “The angel of prawns” and also assisting in branding the product. Together, we developed the naming, cart design and pioneered sales to high end hotels and restaurants and succeeded as a revolutionary brand in the fishery products.
Currently the “Angle of Prawns” is used in restaurant menu and it has grown to a worldwide 20 million prawns selling brand. And the abalone from the Australia ranked in the top share in Japan in less than 3 years. Currently we are involved in 12 product branding and among that, 7 products are the No.1 share in Japan.

2005 - 2007

We were in charge of the entire marketing & PR for Europe’s largest dairy products “Lactalis” (HQ in France.) It created much buzz since Lactalis was larger than any other dairy product in Japan.

2004 - 2005

We were involved in promoting Nestlé’s mineral water “sanpellegrino” and “Acqua Panna,” to restaurants. While in Japan it is said that “water is safe and free” we conducted a campaign towards restaurants that “water is not free, and it can be a profitable product.” Currently, water is a major source of income for restaurants. It is now listed in part of the menu and we made a huge turning point.

2004 -

We were in charge of the food division graphic design and event promotion for the global country Siber Hegner (currently DKSH Japan K.K.)

1998 -2009

With the worldwide known fashion designer, Yoji Yamamoto, we co-developed and engaged in business for the designer’s brand resort hotel, LE PARADIS D'OUVEA HOTEL which attracts many tourist in New Caledonia: “The island closest to heaven.” Takashi Naito was assigned as the owner of the company and in charge of operation company, simultaneously.


Takashi Naito came back from France and established his own office (design company.) With orders from restaurants this triggered to the French restaurant trend and he is involved in various projects and continues to establish network in the food industry.